Little something about Rachel

Referred to as "a woman with many layers," pretty sums it up about her. From fun to serious, from someone who loves to laugh yet will hold people accountable, from playful to straight forward, someone who believes everyone has a right not to be bullied, someone who will keep moving forward and will not allow one stone be unturned, someone with bountiful insight and will research before remarking, someone who believes the project is not completed until everything has been addressed and implemented, someone who loves to put smiles on people faces, but will get serious in a heartbeat; yes, that sums it up nice! One thing for sure about Rachel...If it's not good for Trenton, then it's not good for her. TRENTON MATTERS!

Rachel's Certification

City Clerk's Certification (pdf)



To say that Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer is not your everyday "City of Trenton kind of gal" is an understatement! This Ambassador of Good Will brings roughly 25 years of Social Service experience with both the public and private sectors to the forefront and has been a true and dedicated advocat3e to the needs of Trenton, her beloved City.   

Dealing with families daily as an Investigator with Child Protection and Permanency, Rachel has a wide reach within the community and with its residents. Additionally, she is the proud past President of Trenton Council of Civic Associations (TCCA), Trenton Democratic Committee Person, a board member of Isles, the  Co-Chair of the Social Action Committee for the Trenton Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. as well as President of Cadwalader Place Civic Association and member of the Citizens Police Advisory Council (CPAC).  


"I am no stranger to being around grass-root meeting as well as board meetings, sitting with people who want to get things done," states Cogsville-Lattimer. "I was raised in a home where my parents were heavily involved not only in civic affairs, but also with local and municipal issues. Starting as the grassroots level; home to neighborhoods to community is and should be a person's foundation."   

Rachel attended college in the State of VA where  she received her BA degree in Sociology and then began work within the State of VA's Department of Corrections. Upon her retirement from corrections in 1996, Rachel returned home to find her neighborhood to be in a condition needing someone to step up and take action to the  degree in which she did. As she surveyed the streets, she found several abandoned, dilapidated homes that were in some cases, unsafe conditions. After 17 years of advocating for her street, The Carteret Avenue Project (she fondly names it) was just completed: eight abandoned homes were turned into 11 lived in dwellings, new tear-drop street lighting, new two block sidewalks, sewer lines repaired, and the  street were repaved. Not to mention converting a city owned abandoned lot into a neighborhood garden named, For You Garden.   

Being  type of woman that's not afraid to roll up her sleeves (literally) and work. Rachel has decided to announce her candidacy for Council At Large in the 2018 election. "It's time for a change and I believe that  my wife is one of those people who will work with other council members as well as the City's Administration to help make Trenton a better place to live!" states Glenwood 'Bo' Lattimer, Rachel's husband.   

Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer, 50 is looking forward to working along side with all residents, business merchants, grassroots organizations, as well as the City and local municipalities as she firmly believes TRENTON MATTERS!


2014 Citizen Legislator-Citizen Campaign


Advocating for my direct neighborhood and not settling for anything less; abandoned homes rehabbed, new street lighting, new curbs and sidewalks, collapsed sewer line repaired, and street repaved. 


2016 SEED MLK Drum Major

Advocating, being determined, ensuring my voice is heard not only for my direct neighborhood, but for the residents of the city. Being a fixture at City of Trenton Council meetings, TCCA (two events were created; TasteTrenton and United We Ball) , CPAC and Isles  Board Member. In addition, being present and voicing ideas at various civic meetings throughout the city.      

2016 City of Trenton Annual Clean Communities Liter March-Public WorksClose the deal

Being part of City wide liter clean-ups, member of the Illegal Dumping Initiative, assisting with illegal dumping clean-ups, and turning an abandoned city owned lot of 20 years into a social garden named "For You Garden".