From Ronald Davis:

I’ll say this about her. I met Rachel at West End Little League’s field a few years ago, and asked her to come to our Little League board meeting. Same as I do with anyone who I believe is interested in helping our kids. While at the meeting she advised us she has something we needed, which I’d say costs a few hundred dollars (I checked, just in case we damaged it..lol) She allowed the little league to borrow her belongings, and just like folks in our community who borrow things, we still have her item in our batting cage, and we are still using it after 2 years. To this day she’s never asked us to return it. At the time she was not running for office, and this was something she did out of the kindness of her heart. My point is, the people who are already doing The Work, are the folks we need to elect to further do The Work! If someone does something for you without expecting anything in return, what do you think they’ll do for you after being provided with the tools to further assist you? 

Community Vigilance and Respect for Mankind is Needed

Thursday, May 3, 2018 (Trenton, NJ) - Last night’s gun violence has again shaken up the residents in the North and East Wards to the sense of no regard to the mankind in the Garden State’s Capital. 

While on the Winston Dramatic Mills Show (Facebook) my cell phone was not only ringing, but there were incoming text messages unbeknownst to me of the shooting on Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. Subsequently another shooting occurred on the other side of the city that led to a fatality of a young man. 

“What happened to respect for one another? What happened to the sense of security? Residents and merchants need to have police directly involved with them, we need to have a sense of security that reporting will remain confidential. Training in cultural competence throughout all departments is necessary, it’s a start in the right direction.

Trenton Police Department has “My Block” a reporting measure on their website that appears to be underutilized by the residents and merchants. “My Block” will allow a person to anonymously report a problem on their block, whether it be a crime or a nuisance. “We need to have a wider push on educating the residents and its merchants on the purpose of My Block.”

“We need rejuvenation, revitalization, empowerment, and respect in our neighborhoods. Our trailblazers (seniors), children, the disabled and in between deserve to have educational opportunities, rejuvenation of economic development, clean and robust streets, maintained infrastructure, and most importantly a safe neighborhood.”

Yes, stricter gun laws are step in the right direction not only for our Capital, but throughout our Country. Looking at it concurrently, having stricter gun laws coupled with quality of life ordinances being enforced and the community taking on the initiative of zero tolerance will be counterproductive. 

Former Trenton Police Director, Jim Golden implemented The Citizens-Police Advisory Council (CPAC) in Trenton, NJ, in the year 2000. The purpose is to foster a partnership between the Police Department and Trenton Citizens; to facilitate maximum cooperation between the police and the neighborhoods they serve; identify neighborhood problems; analyze the causes; develop methods for resolution; and implement programs that improve public safety, reduce fear, lower the number of incidents of crime, and enhance the quality of life in the community. Yes, you can become involved by attending CPAC monthly meetings. See link below for additional information. 



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