Why we chose the logo "Trenton Matters"?

The circular movement does not stop, it is on a continuum, there isn't a pause or break. the work must continue.

The pulse represents life, the life of the City growing and being rejuvenated.

"TRENTON MATTERS" means ...The City, it's residents and merchants, FIRST

why "trenton matters"

Rachel's Platform

Being Ambassador of Good will means putting Trenton first; Empower, Advocate and Safeguard all man-kind


Why Am I running for Council-At-Large 

  1. Deeply committed to Trenton’s Quality of Life Issues
  2. Reach beyond a person’s comfort zone for the betterment of our Capital, Residents, and Businesses> be the Advocate
  3. To be the liaison between my fellow city residents, the City, as well as the County and State
  4. Work with colleagues and the residents to improve/enhance local ordinances that benefit work for all residents and the City which will lead to accomplishments
  5. To be effective not only for our residents, but for Council/City/Municipalities as a team player>it’s not a single lens, but rather a Partnership Lens that we are all in need of
  6. Yes, it will be a challenge, but that what makes a democracy work

Why should I be considered?

  1. For 17 years have been an advocate for my direct neighborhood to secure a grant just over 2 million; turned 8 dilapidated/abandoned homes into 11 rehabilitated homes that are occupied, 2 blocks of new sidewalks, new tear drop lighting, sewer line repaired, and street pavement
  2. Turned a City owned unkept lot of 20 years in to a Neighborhood Garden that is also used for social networking/civic association meetings
  3. A constant fixture at City Council meetings since 2000
  4. Member of the Illegal Dumping Initiative and assisted in the cleaning of illegal dumpsites 
  5. Member of Trenton Council of Civic Associations and CPAC 
  6. Penned and voiced her concerns (February 2017) of Chris Christies administration in the state’s plan to demolish and relocate the state buildings that is against the betterment of Trenton’s residents and its Masterplan
  7. For over 15 years have conducted annual neighborhood walk-thru with the City of Trenton Inspections Department for purpose of beautification, ensure hazard/safety of properties are addressed, and enforcement of quality of life ordinances 

What’s my Platform?

  1. Quality of Life Issues; loitering, blight, safety, ordinances not being enforced effectively: law enforcement, inspections, sanitations
  2. Economic Development not only for Downtown Trenton, but for all four wards; we need all wards and downtown to be bustling with businesses during and after government business hours
  3. To see City Council Members attend mandatory training on "How to be an effective elected official".
  4. Build the community through homeownership. Seeing their investment equals respect of quality of life  
  5. Illegal Dumping and Blight 
  6. Work alongside with Civic Associations/Grassroots/Small Businesses

Where do I want to see City Council? 

  1. Cease of bickering at City Council meetings and work on behalf of the residents not personal agendas. Strong leadership without sacrificing the city
  2. Work in unison with city residents/merchants/departments/administration for Trenton’s revitalization 
  3. Be accountable, respectful, be effective, and stop with the Grand Standing 
  4. Advocate and put Trenton First not only for the residents but, also for merchants ...that’s why I strongly believe "TRENTON MATTERS"!.